gA. April and May 2013 - BEC Household Survey /Census Update

The Survey officially started last April 2, 2013 with the participation of block leaders and PYM volunteers. From April 2- 18, 2013 a total of 455 HH had been surveyed it was a slow weeks, BEC leaders and youth had other activities on the last few days.

After we simplified the forms and with the help of those 33 youth volunteers who have been committed with the survey, the following weeks was a fast track we almost completed 14 blocks of Quiapo area except for the Muslim community. We will go back to the area and houses that we interviewed that we didn't able to take the location and pictures during the survey.

Encoding of Survey Forms: The seven "Tawid Kahirapan" youth volunteers that were asked to help to encode the information in the survey forms able to encrypt 30 forms every shift.

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PHIVOLCS-DOST developed software called Rapid Earthquake Damage Assessment System (REDAS) that aims to produce seismic hazard and Risk maps minutes after the occurrence of a potentially damaging earthquake.

After proper coordination with PHIVOLCS-DOST and Dra. Leyo, Our request of use of REDAS software and to undergo training was already approved. The Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to be signed by both parties was received from the office of PHIVOLCS-DOST last May 02, 2013 by Rachelle Ann Corpus and with Ms. NerizaPantanilla(ESSC) and already signed by Msgr. Clemente Ignacio. We will receive the REDAS Software after we undergo the training with LGU's and still coordinating with Dra.Leyo for the training.


The Quiapo Church Disaster Management Ministry, Mr. Bong Grajo(DISAT), Fr. Ric, Ms. Diane (IT), Mr. Gil, Mr. Rap Ms. Jhonely, Joy, and the 13 youth volunteers who were divided into 3 shifts, monitor the 2013 election at the Command Center 5th floor Benedict Bldg. last May 13, 2013. We activated the command post at 7am in the morning; the group monitored the ongoing election in Mabini Elementary School via Radio base and encoded the reports in ERIC database.

D. May 10 and 14-17 - Project NOAH and The World Bank

"Project NOAH and the World BANK: Enhancing Community Resilience Through the use of New technology"

Three Components of the Training session:

  • Multi-Stakeholders' Assembly /Opening session it was held in Oracle Hotel, Katiipunan Avenue, Quezon City last May 10, 2013. They give an overview of the concept of collaboration between Project NOAH and World Bank. It includes development of relevant open source tools for supporting geospatial analysis in Disaster Risk Management and they present case studies for the use of the tools from specific project.
  • The Advanced Training for Software Developers held last May 14-17, 2013 at UP Diliman Campus The training focuses on advanced theory and practice of the GeoNode software development as well as an introduction on development and functionalities of various open source Web-GIS applications. This includes:
    • Programming language to master and create applications for GeoNode functionalities Customization
    • Integrate PostGIS and Tilemill
    • Understand GeoServer and Inasafe applications enhace geospatial data use and analysis.
  • Hands-on experience in OSGeo software development:
    • Linux and Basic commands;
    • Python Development;
    • Advanced GeoServer;
    • Advanced PostGIS;
    • InaSAFE as a plugin on QuantumGis and GeoNode
    • Tilemill (to a basemap layers on a GeoNode and used in InaSAFE workflows)

The training aims for the participant to have a good overviewof Open Geospatial Tools(OSGeo) that could be applied in disaster risk management. More specifically, participants will be able to develop and debug mapping and non-mapping web based application on top of GeoNode.

E. May 22-24 - 5th Executive Course on International and Local Humanitarian Standards, systems and Protocols

Social Work Department of Miriam College under the College of International Humanitarian and Development Studies held their 5th Summer Executive Course on International and local humanitarian Systems and tools in Disaster Management last May 22-24, 2013.

The three day course involved LGU's, religious sector and private who are interested and have directly experienced the issues of disaster management.

The discussions focused and divided onto three major components:

  • DRRM basic concept, DRRM law and implementation, challenges; looking at multi-hazards, rethinking risks and vulnerabilities as well as looking at concrete initiatives of climate Change Commission in the Philippines.
  • Focuses on humanitarian protocols, systems and how information is aid, as well as understanding how the civil-military coordination and Philippine Incident Command System works.
  • Humanitarian protocols focusing on such tools as the sphere system and addressing the current issue of management and leadership in humanitarian responses.
  • The course aims to understand the importance of using information appropriately in disaster situations, the current theoretical trends of intervention and analysis, meet other professionals in the field of disaster management and have an appreciation of laws, systems and standards that are being used at the national and international arenas of disaster management.

F. May 25 - Community Mapping Workshop (9am-03pm)

Twenty three BEC leaders from Sta. Cruz Parish and San Jose De Trozo attended the Community Mapping Workshop last May 25, 2013 at Sta. Cruz Parish. Ms. IzayPantanilla from the ESSC presented a power point presentation on strengthening local community capacity towards DRR initiatives, the joint project of Quiapo Church and Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC).

Mr. Maning Sambale, also from ESSC presented a PowerPoint presentation regarding the field mapping and showed the area boundaries of each parish and they were given separate field papers to work on their areas and practice as an initial community map base we divided them into 2 groups.

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