Every first week of February the United Nations proclaimed the celebration of the World Interfaith Harmony Week. Thus, in solidarity with the spirit of this movement the Ministry for Interreligious of the Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene organized a simple seminar workshop on the Golden Rule and Culture of Dialogue to

the students of Ramon Avanceña High School, Manuel L. Quezon University and some participants from the Assumption College in Antipolo where Christians and Muslims participated together in the activity.
Amidst the facing issues on the conflict in Mindanao the Interreligious Ministry still tried it’s best to show to every participant the need of respect and tolerance among all religions. Moreover, to encourage them to see the very message of love of God and love of neighbor in the basic teaching of their own respective religions that must be manifested to a genuine dialogue.
To make it more concrete and meaningful for them the ministry had prepared a simple workshop in the morning right after a short talk on the Golden Rule. Both Muslims and Christians worked together in the activity of building a house through a piece of news paper, straws, and a masking tape. All the materials that they used are in exchanged out of the things that they possess such us, cell phones, shoes, bracelets, and etc. This would somehow be a learning experience for them that in building peace everyone has to work, sacrifice, and take responsibility in each one.
In the afternoon, the participants were given some input about the Culture of Dialogue and its four Pillars (Dialogue with God, self, others and creation). After the short talk the participants were divided again into seven groups by seven members from the different institutions with mixture of Muslim and Christians including other sects. The purpose of this is for them to have more personal dialogue with the following guided questions given to them: 1.) Ano ang ibig sabihin ng Golden Rule? 2.)Ano ang hadlang kung bakit natin hindi makamtan ang pagdadayalogo at kapayapaan? 3.)Ano ang magagawa mo para isabuhay ang Golden Rule at Culture of Dialogue?
After enough period of time to share each member from every group gave the synthesis of their sharing base on the three guided questions. Majority of the participants had mentioned about the biases and prejudices why most of the time Muslims and Christians specifically have a difficulty to engage into a genuine dialogue.
Nevertheless, they have been grateful that because of the seminar workshop being conducted to them they have started to realize the importance of dialogue, and to see that in each person there is beauty from withinthateveryone is called to see and experience that beauty. Thus, before the session ends in order to culminate the activity, everyone was encouraged to hold each other’s hand to form a circle in order to pray for peace and solidarity in the whole world through the beautiful prayer for harmony.

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