The QCDPRM (Quiapo Church Disaster Preparedness and Response Ministry) was invited to give a two-hour Case Presentation on Church and Disaster Preparedness and Response at the Philippine Children’s Ministries Network Seminar titled “Getting Ready” (Training of Trainers on Disaster Preparedness and Response Policies, Framework and Mechanisms) last September 7 to 9, 2015 at NORFIL Training Center in Quezon City. The Philippine Children’s Ministries is a network of Christian Churches and organizations that are responding to the issues of children at risk.


 It is the ministries’ utmost aspiration that through the training, the participants would:

  • Understand the concepts, policies and framework of DRRM as stated in the RA 10121 / The Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Law and on Child Protection in Disaster Guidelines.
  • Be able to develop their Emergency Preparedness Plan and Child Protection in Disaster Policy / Guidelines.
  • Be capacitated to provide training / assist local churches and organizations in developing their respective Emergency Plan and Response.


Hoping that through the session, the participants will have an in-depth understanding on the organizing, process and sustainability of the church-based disaster preparedness and response program. The talk was indeed a success and the sharing of knowledge and opinions were fruitful in a way that it opened up minds of people and they gained insights they could use for their own groups. The QCDPRM gained positive commendations from the said event, and in the end, everything was made through God’s grace that the ministry was able to extend our services to our brothers who were affected by disasters.

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